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Unidirectional negative flow

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Hi All, 

I want to model a manholes in order to have only negative flow through it. I know it is possible to set the unidirectional flow using the "U" in the Type attribute of the 1d network; but it allow only positive flow (From upstream to downstream).

I want to represent a manhole that only allow flow from the culvert to the 2d domain and not the opposite. 

Is there a way to represent it?

Please let me know if my question is not clear.

Many thanks,


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Hi Piergiorgio,

Unfortunately, this is not currently available as you described. Please send more details to support@tuflow.com (what real life situation are you trying to model, what criteria are you concerned about) and we can consider adding it to our development list and perhaps offer a workaround.

Thank you.


Kind regards,


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