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Automatic Node Creation Check

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The latest version of Estry automatically creates nodes at each end of a channel. If you haven't snapped a channel to a node (or another channel) correctly, another node is created. To find where these "new" nodes are, use this query.


FROM TABLES:- _1d_9808_001_nwk_check

WHERE CONDITION: InStr(1,ID,".1") or InStr(1,ID,".2")

Notes Attribute for 1d_nwk

It has been found useful to add another attribute to the bottom of the 1d_nwk table called "Notes", with the maximum number of characters allowed (254). This can be used to enter information such as the derivation of a cross-section for a particular channel, why dummy channels have been added, explanations on additional form losses etc.

Bill had one comment on this: be careful if a new version of TUFLOW comes out that has an additional attribute included - it will try to read the notes that you have added instead of info about the new attribute. This can be avoided by running an older version of TUFLOW.

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