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HPC Repeat timesteps not being logged in .tlf or .tsf files

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I have undertaken a simulation using TUFLOW HPC on a CPU, build version 2018-03-AD-iSP-w64.

The model suffers from numerous repeat timesteps due to high control numbers, which are logged in the .hpc.tlf file; however the .tlf and .tsf files both state the following:
"HPC HCN Repeated Timesteps == 0  ! HCN is High Control Numbers, eg. Courant Number exceedance
HPC NaN Repeated Timesteps == 0  ! NaN - Not a Number means an instability occurred
HPC NaN WARNING 2550 == 0"

Is anyone else encountering this issue with reporting of repeat timesteps? Is there a fix for this, or will I just need to manually count the number of repeated timesteps recorded in the .hpc.tlf file each time I run a HPC model?


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Guest Stephen Kime

Hi Amanda,

Could you please send this through to support and we can look into it further for you. 

Could you make sure to include the tlf, tsf and hpc.dt outputs in your email?

Kind Regards




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