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2d_lfcsh uvpt check file error

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Hi There,

I am trying to include a 2d_lfcsh in my model to represent a bridge.  The bridge is represented as a wide line with a width in the direction of flow of 22m.   The bridge has only 2 piers with a fairly wide unrestricted flow area.  As such I am including no blockage, but have calculated (using the Bradley HoBW 1998 method) a FLC of 0.025.    When I open the 2d_lfcsh_uvpt_check files a value of 0 is showing for the FLC across the whole bridge.

I have another bridge in the model, which I have modelled as a polygon, which seems to be working ok from the check files.

I can't figure out why I am getting 0 in the check files for the first bridge.  Could it be an issue of rounding or significant figures?  Or is there something deeper going on that I need to resolve?  

Would love any suggestions here.



Bridge Check snip.JPG

Bridge Snip.JPG

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Hi All,


I have undertaken some further investigation of this bridge and in comparing the results files of a bridge with 0 FLC compared to a bridge with the correct FLC, the results are showing a noticeable afflux.

It would appear that the check files are giving 0 in the FLC field due to rounding and significant figures in the output files of the Tuflow check file.  Would it be possible for Tuflow to increase the number of decimal places in the output check file so that rounding to 0 does not occur?


Thanks so much,


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Hi Melodea,

The latest 2018-03-AE TUFLOW release is rounding up the third decimal space for form loss coefficient in the 2d_lfcsh layer. We already have a task created on our development list to increase the number of decimal spaces for future releases.

Kind regards,


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