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Combining scenarios

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Dear all,

What I'd like to be able to do is run my model with a single named scenario and have the file names come out with only that scenario, but have that scenario reference a bunch of other scenarios which want running in combination.


Here's what I mean:

I have a model which I've used scenarios to represent a whole pile of engineering options, scatter around the area; lets call these OptA, OptB, OptC, OptD, etc.
Having tested them individually, some have been selected to try in combinations. combination 1 would be OptA, OptC and OptG, say, which combination 2 would be OptA, OptB and OptW.

I'd like to be able to reference simply "tuflow.exe -s comb1 mySim_~s~.tcf", where the .tcf contains a command that says something like:

If Scenario == comb1
   Activate scenario == OptA  ! Yes, I've made up this command for the purpose of the example
   Activate scenario == OptC
   Activate scenario == OptG
End If

If Scenario == OptA
  !Do some stuff
End If


such that it then processes the rest of the .tcf as if OptA, OptC and OptG have been called as scenarios, BUT the results are all going to be called only mySim_comb1.tlf, for example.


Is this currently possible? My understanding is that scenarios can be set in the tcf but would be overwritten by the command flag -s (so couldn't be called by it!), and also would still turn up in the filenames. I don't think variables help..? I could just add "comb1" to any If Scenario == OptA statement, but it's messy and I might miss one somewhere; I'd rather just be able to tell it when I ask for comb1, also do OptA.

If it's not currently possible, do you think it could be implemented please? It'd keep file names tidy for easier bulk processing of complex projects and help keep tcf If Scenario statements cleaner (which can get quite messy enough!).



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