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Monica Macias Jimenez

Projection in produced grids and results

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Dear TUFLOW community,

I am having a big problem with the projection and visualisation of the produced grids by my 1D2D linking model and I am a bit desperate as I do not find much information about it. I have included "asc" within the "Map Output Format" to get the ascii files created by the model. However, when I am analysing the ascii results I observe they do not match the grid created by the model (see image below). I have a grid of 6 m set up in the tgc but the results suggested a smaller grid. The projection within the tcf is described with a coordinate system such as "CoordSys Earth Projection xxx". All the information within the model including the DEM files are in the same projection therefore I do not understand this. I have also produced the ascii files using a bat to produce them from the xmdf files but this does not make a difference.

I do not know what to do since I have never seen this before. The model was inherited but I have not seem any anomaly in the model schematisation so far. I would really appreciate help with this topic since it is urgent (I cannot properly assess water depth for example) and looking within the manual I did not find any answers, neither in Internet.

Thank you very much in advance,



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