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Hai Nguyen

Unstable at the deep slope batter on direct rainfall model

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Hi all, 

I am simulating a direct rainfall model, there is several deep slope embankments locating within the model. Once the rainfall begin to be started I suddenly get large depth (0.3m roughly) on the embankment surface, this does look very strange especially as there has only been small of rainfall on the catchment when they start appearing. 

Can someone know the reason and solve this issue ? Thanks for any help ! 


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Something of a late follow up to this, but I have a handy diagram which might be the explanation to what is being described here. In short, there's scope for it to simply be a reporting issue rather than a real depth occurring on this slope. Particularly in rainfall models, where some cells are wet but many are dry, because of how little and shallow the flow is, the model is prone to misreporting due to the use of cell corner data formats. See the attached diagrams for further explanation, but the steeper the slope the worse the reporting can get!


I don't know whether the maximum tracking follows the max in the cells, in which case the final thing presented at the corners should be all good, or if it tracks the corner data, in which case the peak result is not going to be correct. I think it must do the first, as I don't recall noticing anything too funny in peak results! Hope so.

One can these days make use of a cell centred output, which would avoid these issues altogether; but they do seem less commonly used.

Hope this might help someone,


Depth Reporting On A Slope.pdf

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