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Alternatives to Read GIS WrF for HPC

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I have an HPC model (for a rating curve review) with a 2d weir in it that I'd like to change the weir factor for.

Since 'Read GIS WrF' isn't in HPC yet what would you suggest?

Obvious options are:

  • Try in classic - this current model will feed in to a larger HPC model and this option won't be available there, so that doesn't seem like a great way forward.
  • Use a 1d weir - I have tried this, with unsatisfactory results.  If nothing comes of this post then I will try again here.
  • Use a global factor - worried about this affecting the model in other places - would probably not be transferable to the larger model.


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Hi Richard,

There are only two possible options available at the moment - classic or 1D weir as the global factor is not supported in HPC yet. Knowing that your HPC model is going to be large you might need to play with the 1D weir and conduct some sensitivity testing.


Kind regards,


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