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Handling Supercritical Flows

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I am going through a model that is modelling flow down a 4% - 7% grade and the results are showing Sub-critical flow with Froude ~ 0.6 - 0.8. When I do simple hand calc checks I am expecting Froude to be up around 2.0 ? What could be impacting the model. I have noticed that one of the materials layers has two overlaping surface roughness definitions? How is this resolved ?

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Hi Rvan

Can you please email support@tuflow.com the model input files and the .tlf file, or if too large just the .tlf file to start with and we will help you solve the problem.

In regards to the overlapping materials, the material polygon that is being read into TUFLOW last will set the material for the location where it is overlapping. For material polygons within one layer we recommend to remove the overlaps to be sure straight away which material is applied.


Kind Regards,


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