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Weir Modelling Guidance

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Hi all,

I am looking for a little guidance in the modelling of a weir.
I am installing a weir into my simulation to assess the velocities acting upon the weir as well as the depth of flow over the structure.
My first question is, given that I am looking to assess the above information, would modelling the weir in 1D or 2D better suit my purpose? I have been told that sometimes there are issues stabilizing 1D weirs?

At the moment, in order to model the weir I have loaded a design DEM of the weir in as a topographical amendment and am running the simulation as normal. (to my understanding, TUFLOW automatically simulates weir flow where appropriate and as such should be modelling this large jump in the ground surface as a weir?)
However, I have also been supplied a desired weir discharge coefficient of 1.6 from the designers, is this something that can be directly implemented into the 2D modelling? (or can I view the weir coefficient that the model is simulating?)

Is this approach valid or am I way off?

I would appreciate any guidance on this matter



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