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Running TUFLOW models remotely from home (Advice)

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All companies are no doubt deplaning/implementing work from home contingency plans due to COVID-19. The following information may be helpful for that planning.

  • If your company owns a Network licence, you can access it from offsite using a VPN connection to your office network. In this situation just make sure your model files are being read/written locally (i.e. don't share them across the VPN back to your office. It will slow the simulations down).
  • If you own a Local licence, though use it in a dedicated high performance modelling computer in the office you can use VPN to connect to your office then use remote desktop to run simulations on the office computer from a remote location. In this situation all the model inputs and outputs remain in your office (not on the home computer you’re using to remote in).

This isn't an extra feature you have to pay for. It's simply the way our licences have always been.

It's also worth noting that Notepad++ and QGIS don't require licences. As such, there's no model build or result viewing limitations if you use that combination of supporting software (if other licensed programs you regularly use have restrictions).

If you have questions please email support@tuflow.com

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