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COVID-19 Update: TUFLOW rental and online training costs now available as 100% credit towards perpetual licence purchases.

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COVID-19 has introduced numerous challenges globally across all sectors and regions, and is placing tight financial constraints on organisations and businesses. To help TUFLOW modellers with financing new licences we have introduced temporary measures that will allow clients to credit 100% online training and rentals towards new perpetual licence purchases made before 1st January, 2021.


Online Training

We have recently published our new online training program so everyone can continue their professional development and TUFLOW learning from home.  All fees associated with the 2020 online training schedule can be credited 100% toward any perpetual licence purchases or upgrades made before 1st January, 2021. Details are on the training page of the website: http://www.tuflow.com/Training.aspx?gblrmt.

Rental Licences

Monthly licence rentals are a popular method of upscaling licence volumes when short term demand requires it. In numerous regions we are seeing governments invest in engineering projects in an effort to protect industry and employment within their respective jurisdictions and we have noticed a marked increase in the number of rentals in the past few weeks, possibly in response to this shift. To help finance new purchases, retrospectively from 1st April 2020, any monthly licence rentals made up until 30th September 2020 will be available as a 100% credit for any new perpetual licence purchases or upgrades made before 1st January, 2021.

The TUFLOW team hope you stay safe and well through these challenging times.  Please feel free to email sales@tuflow.com should you have any queries.

Thank you,


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