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Odd pit inflows

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We're currently modelling a 460ha catchment with rainfall on the grid. We are modelling roughly 2000 pits and pipes in the network. I have run ten ARR2019 temporal patterns for the 1% AEP 30 minute duration storm, and on first glance all seems well. However, I started looking at the flow going into all the pits and found a lot of the pits are showing a strange inflow hydrograph. It generally looks like the top of the hydrograph I’m expecting to see has been inverted on itself. See attachment.

 It seems to mainly occur where there is substantial flooding around the pit entry area. It also always starts around the 0.2 hour mark, generally a little before but it changes by pit. I was hoping someone could offer some advice.

 Many thanks

Pit inflow hydrograph.png

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