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Colin Terry

Overlapping variable z shape regions

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Hi this was raised in 2009, but I've a colleague with the same problem - trying to get overlapping variable z shapes to work for a dam embankment failure.

The overlapping variable z shape regions are in separate shapefiles that are meant to be triggered one after the other. That is, the Trigger Value of the first v_zsh is 1 hour, with a Period of 0.25, and then the next Trigger Value is 1.25, etc . However what happens is the embankment doesn’t do anything until the final v_zsh (at 3.5 hours) and then fails the whole way to the bottom.

There is also a warning: type (1 2 3 or 4 randomly) WARNING: Variable Z mismatch zCur == (number), but z1 = (number), forcing zCur=z1. 

I have tried them all in one shapefile, and get an error*

Does anyone have an experience with this? Does the order that the v_zsh are read in matter?

The next approach is to conceptualise the failure without having the shapefiles overlapping - but we're still interesting if anyone has got overlapping variable z shapes to work.

Thank you.


*NoXY: ERROR 2232 - Failed to complete triangulation.  Check region perimeter does not cross or snap onto itself.  Otherwise please contact support@tuflow.com.  Unused internal points = 1; Remaining perimeter nodes = 6 https://wiki.tuflow.com/index.php?title=TUFLOW_Message_2232

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Hi Colin, 

As it currently stands overlapping vzsh are not supported, running tests you will get the outcome as you have found that the 'last read in' vzsh takes precedent and is applied and others ignored so to speak.  

If you are using classic there may be an option of interest to you using the VG option in a 2d_bc layer. This effectively has been replaced now for the vzsh option as it’s a simpler approach. However, the VG type bc layer allows you to apply change in elevation via a time-series specified within your bc_dbase. This is quite a legacy feature so you will have to refer to previous manuals, there is also a short feed here: https://www.tuflow.com/forum/index.php?/topic/162-variable-geometry-modelling-posted-pre-2007/

If you are using HPC this option unfortunately isn’t available so your options are limited I am sorry to say. I will log your query to our developers however and this will be on a list for future releases.




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Thanks Joe, yes we're using HPC. We have workarounds (with a a greater number of smaller variable z-shapes), but it would be worth adding overlapping variable z-shapes to the "wish list" as that could be a more elegant solution.

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