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Soakwell Modelling/Surcharging Pits

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Hi All,

Does anyone have any advice on how best to model a soakpit? The soak pit is similar to a 1050mm diameter pit, 3m depth and field inlet. The soakwell has a connecting upstream 450RCP. I am currently modelling it as a Q type pit but it doesn't seem to be representing it well. Ideally it would be good if there was a surcharging manhole options so that you could see when the soak pit initially blows out. But as far as I know surcharging manhole isnt an option currently in TUFLOW.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Bonnie,

Surcharging manholes are not currently supported in TUFLOW, however they are on our development list to consider for future releases.

Q pit with 1d_na user defined storage might be a reasonable workaround in the meantime. Is there a storage node in your current model?




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