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Bill Syme

New Website and Forum Location

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Hello all

We are pleased to announce that we are transitioning to a new website (same www.tuflow.com address) over the next day or so which will change the URL to the forum.  Whilst old URLs will be redirected, should you have any shortcuts to this forum it is recommended to change from the old link (https://www.tuflow.com/forum/) to the new link (https://forum.tuflow.com/) to maximise access speeds.  The TUFLOW Wikis will not be affected by the changeover. 

Please note that during the transition the website and the forum will experience outages.  Once the transition has completed we will make an announcement on this channel.

Apologies for any inconvenience during the transition and we look forward to showing you our brand new website.  Should you have any queries or experience any problems after the transition, please don't hesitate to contact support@tuflow.com

Best regards


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For anyone arriving on this page after the 22nd of October: the forums are online at their new address and no further outage is expected. Forwarding has been put in place to ensure any old links still work, but please follow Bill's advice and update your links and bookmarks where you can.

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