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Set Culvert Invert to Ground Level?

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Is there a way to automatically set the US_Invert and DS_Invert of a circular culvert in a 1d_nwk file to the ground level? I tried setting both to -99999 but this returned error 2050.


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Hi Hamish, 

As far as im aware there is no way to set invert levels automatically to a stand alone culvert (assuming this isnt part of a wider network?).  An invert level of -99999 will work providing the pipe is part of a wider network where you do have upstream and downstream inverts defined at either end of the wider system, the -99999 value will then interpolate inverts linearly between the defined inverts.  

I would recommend either using the value tool over the raster in QGIS to gain ground levels at the desired points (if survey data is not available). Another option would be to run the model without culverts to gain the grid check file, you can then better select your 2d_bc boundary cells and also interrogate the elevation of the cell.  I should note that a Z flag can be used in the 2d_bc SX (line or point) to lower the linking cells to that of the defined invert elevations. If a Z flag is used its important to assess the messages layer which will note the change in elevation between in original cell elevation to the lowered value from the Z flag and invert level of the culvert. This should be a 'large' value, the risk is you could get cells that are greatly lowered which will impede flow and possibly case instabilities. 



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