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Using Asc to Asc to find the critical storm duration of ICM results

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Hi, might be a bit cheeky asking an ICM related question here but I was hoping to use the asc to asc utility

When I have a number of storm duration events results for TUFLOW I would use asc to asc to find the maximum water level between each of these durations.

I have some ICM results that I have converted from shapefile to ASCII hoping to use asc to asc for finding the critical duration as I would for TUFLOW but I get two erros;

1. ERROR - number of rows for input grids do not match.

2. ERROR - dimensions of grids do not match

Is it possible to use asc to asc in this way for converted ICM results and if so how can I fix these errors?

Many thanks for any help you can provide.

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Hi Tom,

asc_to_asc utility can be used on any grids regardless of which software produced them as long as the grids dimensions are matching (have identical headers when you open them in a text editor) and number of elements are matching respectively.

You might need to do some further GIS post-processing to achieve that........ or use TUFLOW from the start :)


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