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Extract maximum depths excluding a certain duration

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Is there an option in asc_to_asc (or res_to_res) to exclude the outputs of a certain duration, and extract maximums in a specified range?
The results at the beginning of a simulation are to be excluded due to bad initial conditions.


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Hi Prabhanjan,

Could i start by asking if the initial conditions are meaning that maximums are actually happening at this point rather than the actual peak of the event - if so i would strongly suggest re-defining initial conditions or more so if you are aware that they are very unrealistic i would be re-running to define new initial conditions anyway.

TUFLOW to GIS can extract the maximum output of the simulation from the .dat or .xmdf file using the flag -tmax - you can also specify output times using the -t flag and then the desired output, for example -t9 will extract at 9 hours. 

Res to Res has the 'Range' and 'Remove' input switches which would create a new results file either only within a specified range or removing a specific time, for example the beginning of your simulation: https://wiki.tuflow.com/index.php?title=RES_to_RES

One would assume once the new results files have been created from res-to-res you could then use the TUFLOW to GIS utility to extract what you want. 

Kind regards,


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