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Francis Lane

cannot extract zaem1 hazard from xmdf

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We have a Council TUFLOW model running build 2017-09-AC. Results are output to .xmdf and we have maintained that for consistency when we hand back to Council

We are using the current TUFLOW_to_GIS utility build 2020-08-AA

We have been able to extract height and depth as ascii grids, however we can't seem to extract the zaem1 output.

ZAEM1 was definitely written as an output, and is listed as a scalar dataset within the .xmdf file (see attached image).

We have tried converting to.dat first using the res_to_res utility, but to no avail.


Any help or suggestions as to how to extract the zaem1 hazard as an ascii grid would be appreciated. 

Kind regards,


TUFLOW output issue.jpg

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Hi Francis,

Output types other than h, v, q and d are not predefined with the -type switch and should be called with -v (scalar dataset) and/or -s (vector dataset).  A summary of the available datasets is listed within the DOS window, as you have highlighted in the second image (ZAEM1 is scalar dataset four in the provided .xmdf).  For example:
" TUFLOW_to_GIS_w64.exe" -asc -s4 -max “X.xmdf”        
For more information please see: https://wiki.tuflow.com/index.php?title=TUFLOW_to_GIS#XMDF_Switches

Kind regards,

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