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Minimum 2D Cell Size + Supercritical flow (Posted Pre 2007)

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I have a project coming up where we are looking to use TUFLOW in a Supercritical situation. Will TUFLOW have a problem with that? We are looking to use cell sizes of 1m or less, but the documentation indicates that this is not recommended. Can you offer advice on this?

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TUFLOW should not have any issues dealing with supercritical flow.

In relation to cell size, when you get to very small cell sizes the representation of the turbulence terms becomes weak (in all schemes, not just TUFLOW), particularly if the depths relative to the element size are large. In these situations it maybe necessary to go to CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) modelling which is capable of modelling gas/liquid flow on a very fine scale (e.g. air flow over an aeroplane wing; water flow round a bridge pier).

The note in the TUFLOW manual is a guide and it is not out of the question to use very small cell sizes (models sub 2m have been developed and used). The warning is to alert users so that they do extra validation checks on the results. You may also want to review the findings from Cathie Barton's thesis available from the TUFLOW publications download page at www.tuflow.com.

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