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NVIDIA GeForce LHR - OK for TUFLOW still ?

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Hi All,

Just checking whether there is any issue with running the LHR (Lite Hash Rate) GeForce cards given these are now becoming more prominent in the market availability, 
and possibility non-LHR cards get harder to get hold of via suppliers.

Since this was introduced (2021) number of the GeForce models are showing LHR cards now and these appear to be being increasingly included in off-the-rack builds.



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Update.  Have been able to access a DELL Desktop running NVIDIA 3060 Ti LHR to see if the LHR is an issue.
GPU runs fine and Tuflow runs complete in reasonable time. So the 3080 LHR etc should hopefully be OK as well.

Cant say if the card performance is less on a 1:1 (same spec computer with LHR vs non-LHR).

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