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A Walsh

Automatic HQ downstream boundary in ESTRY

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Is it possible for ESTRY to automatically define the HQ relationship at the downstream model boundary based on the slope as you can do in 2D? I do not have a known / defined downstream boundary that can be used so would like the model to calculate this for me.

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Hi Alex,

The ESTRY engine requires the HQ relationship to be specified in a csv file.

You might want to consider transitioning from 1D to 2D via HX line and using the automatic 2D HQ boundary as the downstream boundary. You would need to either shorten the 1D channel or extend the 2D code further downstream. There should be some number of 2D cells between the 1D HX and 2D HQ for the flow to transition smoothly. You might want to start with let's say 10 and see if that works well.

Better solution would be elimination the 1D channel completely by using TUFLOW HPC with SGS and Quadtree. For more information, please see our recent webinar: https://www.tuflow.com/library/webinars/#quadtree


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