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David Crompton

Multiple Cross extraction

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I have a large number of cross sections that I have created in MI that I need cross section information for to run Tuflow.

Is there a way to select all the desired cross sections and create a file or something that has the point information in it.

I currently select the cross section and use the cross section command in VM , export the data, open it in excel and modify it to be in line with Tuflow standard. This is then used as source file for the cross section.

I was just wondering if there is a faster way to do this process.

Hope you can help.



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Hi David,

Here's how i go about it if it helps (I use the xsgenerator executable which is on the tuflow website)

1) I create a mapinfo table with 4 columns: elevation, material, LCR and XSID (see xsgenerator.exe)

2) give each section a unique ID in the XSID column.

3) use vertical mapper poly-to-point to create points at say 1m intervals.

4) inspect elevation from DEM and materials if you have a land use grid or polygons

5) select the left point in each section and use table update column to assign the value "L" in the LCR column this is required by xsgenerator to define the start point of the section

6) run xsgenerator.exe on these points. it should use the XSID and the left point to create a cross-section in csv format as well as a 1d_xs table in tuflow format

7) import the 1d_xs.mif this should contain the sections ready for use in TUFLOW.

hope this makes sense/helps


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