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Archana Patel

Use of Info Tool

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:rolleyes: In specific layer how to use Info Tool.

i.e. for material specification,clicking on polyline it should ask us material.

For elevation,selection ofobject should ask us for elevation.

and same as other layers/tables.

sometimes it is showing us/asking us proper/relevant field but sometimes ask field1...

How to use this to provide proper information..



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Not sure whether this answers your question or not, but in Mapinfo, selecting an object doesn't change the Info box to show the attribute values for that object. You have to use the Info tool (big i) to click on an object and bring up its attributes, after which you can then change the attribute values as you wish.

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Hi Archana,

The field name, ie. "Elevation" in 2d_zpt layers, or "material" in 2d_mat layers, is defined by the attributes in the .TAB file. If you use the 'empty files' as templates (see appendix A in the TUFLOW manual and look up "Write Empty MI Files" for more info on these), these will always have to correct attribute headings in them. If you use a file of your own construction, or from another source, then the attribute names may be different.

Firstly, it is not a problem if the field names are not correct, TUFLOW does not read the names. Instead, TUFLOW looks in specific colum numbers (so using the "Read MI zpts" command on 2d_zpt layers, it reads the data in the first column and ignores any remaining data), so as long as the relevent data is in the correct column everything will work fine.

Secondly, if you DO wish to change the names of the fields, so it has the correct title when using the info tool in MapInfo, this can be done by selecting the Table menu, then choosing Maintenance --> Table structure. Select the table whose attribute names you wish to change, and then change them in the following window.

Hope that helps.

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