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Tina O'Connell

Viscosity Coefficient == in builds 2008_08_AA and beyond

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I have the following code in my tcf file:

Viscosity Formulation == CONSTANT

Viscosity Coefficients == 0.8

The tlf for Build: 2008-08-AA-iSP and for Build: 2008-08-AB-iSP mirrors with:



Viscosity Formulation == CONSTANT ! Options [ {CONSTANT} | SMAGORINSKY ]

Viscosity Approach == METHOD A

Viscosity Coefficients == 0.8, 0. ! Variable, Constant components

Could someone please confirm that this is still applying a constant 0.8 coefficient. Certainly changes to the 0.8 value result in changes to model results, hinting that it is being applied correctly. Perhaps the coding for the tlf file should be changed to include "WARNING: expected two coefficients" when CONSTANT formulation is selected.


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Yes, a constant coefficient should be being applied. The second value in the Viscosity Coefficient == line in the .tlf file should not be there and the Viscosity Approach == METHOD A is not relevant if CONSTANT is specified (the output to the .tlf file has been fixed in 2008-08-AC). Note that if CONSTANT is specified, only one value is needed for the Viscosity Coefficient == command. Also, is using CONSTANT the viscosity coefficient is not output to the _t.dat file (this has also been fixed in 2008-08-AC).

Note that using a constant viscosity coefficient is not recommended, so you may want to sensitivity test this.

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