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2d_bc "object" outside 2d domains

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I got an error massage saying:

Checking save date is later than that of C:\Projects\..........\2d_bc_tidalboundary_v1.tab... OK

Reading C:\Projects\..........\2d_bc_tidalboundary_v1.MIF

XY: Error - 2d_BC "object" at ....... ....... is outside 2d model domain

Any suggestions?


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Hi Amul,

It sounds like the tidal boundary may be outside the model extents - are the nodes of the tidal boundary snapped to the bc_hxe polygon nodes? It may also pay to check that the correct versions of the layers are referenced in both the .tgc and .tbc files. The messages.mif layer will show you exactly where the problem lies, and the 2d_domain check file may be useful to see where your 2d domain ends compared to the tidal inflow.

Hope that helps



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