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First wetting output

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Hi Bill,

I've looked harder this time, and I'm fairly sure you don't have this one! Could you possibly add an output which records when things first get wet? Or add a routine to Dat_to_Dat to extract such. We've been asked to provide arrival times for water from embankment failures, and some form of automated process would be appreciated! It seems to me that you've already got the algorithms for this in Dat_to_Dat (to generate the wetted duration), so shouldn't be too much extra work for someone... :)

Should you decide to add it as a direct TUFLOW output, could you please also add in the wetted duration output I suggested before, so the higher time resolution can be obtained without interpolating between timesteps? Though I appreciate there are various optional flags associated with that one in Dat_to_Dat, so perhaps not so straightforward.

Alternatively, if there is a way of getting arrival times already, I'd be pleased to hear it!


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Hi Peter

I've had a few requests for this feature in recent weeks! And yes, we plan to build it in at the end of April for use in the UK reservoir modelling projects.



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