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Error 2232 - For z-shapes

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I'm adding proposed ground elevations to an existing model, which require sensitive adjustments to fine tune the design. Occasionally I will get the message Error 2232... triangulation failed.... check region does not intersect or snap onto itself.

I will have only moved one TIN line slightly, nothing which I would have thought would cause this error. If I then move the TIN line again slightly, it may run ok. The error seems to be quite random!

Any possible reasons why this would occur?



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Hi Richard

Can you please see if the build uploaded last night (2008-08-AH) causes this to occur as coincident points on the region's perimeter can cause this, and this bug has been fixed in 2008-08-AH. Otherwise the only known reason this can occur is if the region snaps back onto itself or overlaps (ie. the perimeter crosses itself as in a figure of 8).

If the problem persists, can you please email to support@tuflow.com the .tcf, .tgc, any 2d_loc.mif/mid layer and the mif/mid files for the layer in question.



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