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Connecting 1d floodplain to 2d domain

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I am currently building a 1d-2d (ISIS-TuFLOW) linked model where i need to connect the 1d ISIS reservoir unit(floodplain) to the 2d domain. This is the case both upstream and downstream of the 2d domain.

I have an option of adding an ISIS 'FP' or 'spill unit' to represent the floodplain section in 1D.

But then for the 2D domain, can i use HTBDY followed by an SX drawn to the same width of the floodplain. Assuming the HTBDY has the same name as the 1D 'FP' or 'spill unit', it should be able to transfer flows either ways.

Will greatly appreciate if someone could let me know the correct way of representing the floodplains in this case.

A snapshot of the model layout as attached.



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folks, anybody out there!!!!

will be greatly appreciated if you someone cld let me know the ways for representing this scenario?!

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So, am I right that you're asking whether to use Spill or FloodPlain units in ISIS to transfer the flow? You seem to have everything else right from your description (SXs and HTBDYs etc). If it's part way down a floodplain, with no particular feature between the 1d reservoir and the 2d floodplain, I'd probably go with the floodplain unit, with the downstream distance (on the 2d side) set to one cell width. If there's an embankment (or similar) between the two, then a spill would seem a good choice.

I would also encourage you to consider splitting up the flow routes into multiple FloodPlain (or spill) units per reservoir, as this will help to better represent the actual locations at which the flow will occur, particularly if there are multiple portions of lower elevations along the line of the SX/FloodPlain unit.

You will need to watch out for the 2d elevations selected by your SX lines, and should you have any instability problems in the vicinity, those are a good place to start looking (not the you should expect stability problems! But you might get them if your ground/spill has any interesting stuff in them... :) ).

If that's not what you were actually asking about, please post again!

Hope that's helped though.

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