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Older version running in ISIS-TUFLOW model

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I've installed the latest version of TUFLOW (2009-07-AA-iSP) which is currently in my EXECUTABLE folder. However, every time I run a model, an older version of TUFLOW seems to be running instead; in this case the "2008-08-AC-iSP" version. How can I get around this?


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Hi! Check if there is an older version installed in the ISIS directory!

Hi. Yes there is! Is it safe to delete this file? Do I have to delete other files as well? Or is it easier to just uninstall and re-install ISIS?

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Yes, you can just overwrite the TUFLOW files (make sure you paste in all files from a TUFLOW download, ie. all exes and dlls), however, it might be wise to keep a backup of each version of TUFLOW you use in folders (say under the isis/bin folder).

I've put in a query to the ISIS developers as to whether it's possible to access different TUFLOW builds in someway.

NOTE: Build 2009-07-AA is NOT compatible with the current ISIS release - see http://www.tuflow.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=624. We hope to upload new builds of TUFLOW and ISIS in the coming weeks.



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