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100-yr rainstorm flood: what storm-tide ARI??

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Hi there,

We are starting the process of updating our Land Development Guidelines. I wanted to broadly canvas what downstream tailwater boundaries others are applying when modelling long duration (> than say 6 hr duration) 100-yr return period rainfall events (floods)? For example, a 100-yr rainstorm + 20-yr storm tide, or a joint probability ratio of say 100+10 (respectively). I’m most interested in combinations based on documented research or field data. I’m doing a literature review and will gladly post results/references in a few months, and am also happy to chat offline at: paul_ollett@hotmail.com



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Here at Campbelltown in NSW we have used a document from the Michigan Department of Transport in the USA ( Michigan DOT) section This document looks at the "Frequencies of coincidental occurrence" of an event and is based on the size of the contributing catchment and the receiving system.

This may not be applicable for coastal applications but provide a base for us in setting our d/s boundaries in our flood study.

Hope that helps


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