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Unwanted Contour of Null Values

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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to use Vertical Mapper 3.1.1 to produce a contour of the water depth (d).

The issue I have here is that, despite having raised buildings by 3m in the 2d_z_buildings layer and having a resulting depth DEM that is representative of this, the VM contour seems to produce contours over the building area. Using the VM info tool, it indicates that this area is indeed "NULL", so why is it contouring in the first place? Contouring over the area creates the sense that there is water depth over the building area. Some buildings, correctly, don't have contours over their perimeter whilst others do.

The attached image shows the DEM at the top and the region contour of the DEM at the bottom.

Is this an issue with Vertical Mapper?

Any advice would be much appreciated.




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Hi Danny

We've not seen that exactly (and we've done a lot of contouring using VM), but VM has had some contouring issues over the years. One suggestion (as a quick fix) would be to do a query select and remove the “nulls”. Also note that there are improvements with VM 3.5, so it might be worthwhile trying this out. And VM 3.7 is now out (we'll be testing this soon)...

If you send the DEM to support@tuflow.com along with the contour intervals you used we'll have a look and if no luck we can forward it on to the VM people.



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