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Network Dongle Usage

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We have a network license that is heavily used and would like to be able to track who across multiple offices is using the dongles. Does anyone know any software that can track who or which computer is using the licenses in real-time?



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Hi it can be the case that the software you are using for the Licence management may already have the utility for the generation of the licence statistics.

You may need to contact the provider of the licence management software.

I know Sentinel has all the necessary utilities and they seem to work nicely.

Also there is an evaluation copy of the software by X-Formation available, which gives some information (since it is an evaluation copy it cannot provide the full statistics, but may give you an idea depending on how many licences you have).

You can find some information here: http://www.x-formation.com/license_statistics/index.html and I think you can get a free trial download by filling in the form here: http://www.x-formation.com/license_statist...emorequest.html

I hope this helps.


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Hi Lee

Yes, as per the cardno post, you can have all simulations across your network logged to one file. Please see Section of the 2008 TUFLOW manual.



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