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QT time format

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I have some (csv) inflow data which I need to add to TuFlow as point QT inflows. The time data is in a data/time format (e.g. 25/02/2010,07:30:00) rather than in hours.

Can TuFlow cope with this format of time or is there an easy way to convert it to a more standard hrs only format? I could convert manually but there is a lot of data and it's not all easy to adjust.



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Not to comment on whether TUFLOW can deal with this formatting or not, you could put the data in Excel and use the RIGHT command to parse out the time data into a new column.

E.g. if your exiting data is in column A then type “=RIGHT(A1,5)” and paste down to the bottom of the data. Then save to a new CSV

This will only really work if your data is less than 24 hours and doesn’t span midnight; otherwise you will get a situation where your time numbering goes from 23:30 to 00:00.

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You can process the date/time data in excel using the concatenate function to join the datasets. I've attached an example which uses the formats you provided, converting them into model time in hours. If you have lots of bc files that will need this manipulation, writing a small macro in excel will save you a lot of time...

Once you've processed the data you will want to reference the "model_time" column in your bc database, not the "date" or "time" columns.


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