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Number of calculations per second

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I am attempting to estimate how long a large direct rainfall model will take to run before I commit myself to a grid size or go down the multiple grid size route.

I recall that the number of calculations per second that Tuflow performed used to be output in the .tlf file which gave an indication of the performance of the hardware on which the model was running, but I haven't been able to find this in any recent tlf files that I have looked through.

Am I remembering this incorrectly, am I looking in the wrong place or has something changed which means this is no longer output?



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Hi Tom

You are correct - TUFLOW used to show a line in the TLF file like:

Run Complete ... Steps: 3601 Errors 0 Av.Wet/Step: 507

Simulation took 0.02 hrs at 28116 wet cells/sec

This was stopped around version 2005 I think.

Our experience with 2.4-3.0 GHz computers is that TUFLOW runs at about 150,000 to 200,000 wet cell timesteps per second.

Other users might be able to comment on the speeds they get with different computers.

Bill - maybe you could put this "average speed" result back into the TLF file so users could compare computer speeds?

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Thanks for the resposne. Glad to know I wasn't imagining it.

The figures you have quoted for calcs per second are reassuring as well. Many thanks.

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