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ERROR 2450 - Q Pits

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I hit an error, ERROR 2450 - Model is not a registered tutorial model. Please remove "Tutorial Model == ON" command. I was trying to add a 1d_nwk layer with Q pits.

If I comment out the 1d_nwk layer, the model runs.

Any idea as to why Q pits are unable to be read in the tutorial model? I just wanted to test something.



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Hi Justin

You've probably exceeded the 50 1D channels allowed in the TUFLOW Tutorial Model (pits become a short channel). I'll look into increasing this number for future releases, but in the meantime if you can delete some of the other 1D channels, then you should be able to add in and test some Q pits. This would also explain why it works if you comment out the 1d_nwk layer.



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