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Changing 1d_nwk line direction

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When modelling urban stormwater networks I regularly come across a problem in which the clients stormwater pipes are not digitized from the upstream to the downstream end. Manually changing these pipe directions is not an issue in smaller models but when you are modelling upwards of 12,000 pipes this is a time consuming job.

Is there a tool that people use to automate this process?

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Hi Tom,

If you're using MapInfo, add the MapCad tools and you'll get a button called 'Change line direction'. Once your pipe layer is editable you can select all the ones you want to switch and then press the button once and they'll all change. It's a little bit manual selecting all the ones you want to change but at least it will change it in one go. Someone may have a fancy way of selecting all the pipes not facing the right way - i'm thinking along the lines of a query that looks at the invert levels and assumes your pipes are sloping downhill...

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