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Equivalent "Q" pit method to connect 1d surface nwk to 1d pipe nwk

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I have previously used "Q" pits to connect the 2d domain to a 1d underground pipe network, using a depth vs inflow relationship to define the pit inlet capacity.

At the moment I want to connect a 1d cess/dish drain (instead of the 2d domain) to a pipe network via a pit inlet with limited capacity. Is there a way? I have unsuccessfully tried a number of options. Currently the pit inlets are being modelled as a wide (10m wide)1d weir structure to link the dish drain and pipe, which represents it as having unlimited inlet capacity (pipe capacity is the constraint).

Was hoping there would be something similar to a 1d_tab object where d vs inflow could be defined. I suppose I could limit the weir width to the actual inflow width, but that would not represent orifice flow if the pits become highly drowned.


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