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TUFLOW licence unavailable. Return Code 200

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If there are no network licences available when TUFLOW starts, it says it keeps trying but it doesn't manage to pick one up even when it becomes free. We have this problem on at least 2 machines, and with running latest version and when gone back to earlier version, and whatever the time delay for the search attempts is set to. Has anyone else had this problem, and if so do you know the solution?

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Hi Kate

We've managed to reproduce this problem and is now fixed in Build 2011-09-AE which should be uploaded this week. The problem was introduced into the 2011-09 release as a consequence of building in recognition of WIBU dongles issued by Aquaveo. This bug does not exist in the 2010-10 release or the DB builds of earlier releases.

Thanks for picking that one up!



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